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Death Be Not Silent

We are taught that death is a thing to be avoided at all costs.  A fear of death arises and our lack of appreciation for the survival of consciousness compounds the problem. 

Imagine the impact on you if you were contacted by a deceased loved one.  Might this experience prompt you to reconsider your understanding of death? 

Rather than seeing death as a permanent loss, after-death communications (ADCs) might help us view the separation as impermanent.  Perhaps we can foster communication with deceased loved ones, but we haven’t developed the necessary skills.


The following definition of an ADC can be found on the After Death web site.

An ADC “is a spiritual experience, which occurs when you are contacted directly and spontaneously by a deceased family member or friend, without the use of psychics, mediums, rituals, or devices of any kind.”

The web site provides an estimate that between 20% and 40% of the population in the US have had one or more ADCs.


Love Never Dies

One of the developers of this Consciousness Café website has met multiple people who have had such experiences.  Their stories were told during informal, unplanned conversations often with people he has only just met.

Read their stores…

A Brother-in-Law

Larry’s brother-in-law had recently died of cancer.  While on a plane taxiing to a runway, Larry perceived his deceased brother-in-law’s voice speaking to him.

His brother-in-law said that he was fine.  It made the hair on Larry’s neck stand up.  No one else on the plane seemed to have heard it.

Larry wrestled with telling his sister about the incident; she was still grieving the loss of her husband.  Would she think he was crazy?

Larry decided not to tell his sister.


A Sister

A business acquaintance recounted an interaction with his deceased sister.

He woke up one night sensing her presence somewhere in the house.  He got up and walked through the house finding his sister in the kitchen.

They had a conversation then she disappeared and he went back to bed pondering the experience.


A Daughter

A father had learned to cope with the loss of his daughter through an ADC.

She had been a painter and died while hiking in California.  Some days after her death, her father awoke one night to a strong odor of paint.

He got out of bed to track down the source of this odor but was unsuccessful.  He believed that the odor was a sign from his daughter that she was OK and communicating from a non-physical realm.


A Child

A roofer was sealing a leak around a chimney.

After finishing the work, a conversation arose where the roofer indicated he had recently lost a young daughter in a car accident.

At the moment the accident occurred, the roofer was working alone in his warehouse on a Saturday.  He heard his daughter playing in an adjacent office and called out to her to say he would be done in 10 minutes and take her home.

When he finished his work and went to the office, his daughter wasn’t there.  He later learned of the accident which happened at the moment he had heard his daughter in the office.

A Son

At a park, a grandmother was watching her grandchild play and shared her story.

Her son had recently died serving in Afghanistan.  Sometime after his death, a blue jay appeared at her front door and remained with her for several days.

She was convinced the bird was there representing her son giving her comfort as she wrestled with the loss of her child.


Your Story

We learn so much from the stories of others.

Do you have an experience you would like to share?  If so, please follow the link, we would love to know yours.