Transformational Art to Heal Your Heart

Jose Hernandez

Near-Death Survivor



Join us for an opportunity to meet Surviving Death author, Leslie Kean, with pre-recorded answers to several questions by Ricki Stern, award-winning producer of the smash-hit Netflix docu-series. Jose Hernandez, founder of Inner Immersion, and Kimberly Clark-Sharp, IANDS Seattle founder, both featured on the series, will be joining us for an engaging discussion.

Watch Party 

February 5th, 2021

Jose is featured in a documentary called “Surviving Death” which will be available now on Netflix.

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Jose Hernandez was an electrical engineer for most of his life with no background in art. After a near-death experience in January 2000, and a long, difficult physical recovery, his life path changed dramatically.

In 2004 Jose began creating art originally as a meditative tool. Every piece has a focal point that engages the sense of sight and draws the viewer into a “fourth dimensional” journey through the layers of the painting. Some pieces have literally hundreds of layers and, though you are looking at a two dimensional painting, the work is created in a three dimensional digital plane.

Jose strongly believes the art retains an essence of the time and space required to travel that journey.

Jose’s work has now exhibited in galleries across the US and hangs in private and corporate collections worldwide and in permanent installations in the prestigious Cleveland Clinic’s collection, the Nicklaus Children’s Dan Marino Outpatient Centre in Florida, and other healing centres across the US and Canada.

His art forms the basis for a transformative modality, “Transformational Art to Heal your Heart” and he has created a series of meditations and teachings to work with his art. Jose has also co-founded Immersive Arts, LLP a collaborative of art and design professionals to create centering, calming spaces in institutional and corporate settings.

Immersive Arts is currently undertaking a large project with the Penticton Regional Hospital in British Columbia to create comforting and healing experiences for patients, families and staff while providing the platform for deeper quantitative research into art’s impact on health outcomes.

Jose lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Anastasia, and youngest daughter, Gabrielle, and travels regularly to speak on his near death experience and on the effect of art on healing and wellness.

A profile of Jose’s experience and work has also attracted the interest of the producers of the Netflix Docu-series, Surviving Death, scheduled to air late 2020.

Affordable art posters and watercolor giclees of Jose’s art are available on his website, innerimmersion.

For larger, custom pieces on glass, metal or watercolor archival paper please contact