Chakra Healing


Healing Modalities

Spinning Your Wheels 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or spinning wheel. The Vedas, an ancient Hindu text, mentions them around 1500 BCE, and through this, the first recorded understanding emerged.  Since then, the body of knowledge has grown and appears in different forms across time and cultures.  Known as spirit, esoteric, and auric body, the connection between body and mind/spirit has been approached from different perspectives to explain phenomena like dreams, imagination, and thinking.

In the Western tradition, there are seven, six located along the spine, the seventh at the head’s crown.  Each chakra has multiple correspondences with both the physical and non-physical bodies. In this way, the chakra system is useful in healing from a holistic perspective.

The non-physical body is called the subtle body or aura. Located outside the body and at varying distances, each layer corresponds to a state: etheric, astral, causal, mental, spiritual, and divine connection. You are already aware of these and know them in the common vernacular as “personal space.”  In this tradition, disruptions to but the physical and subtle body energetic flows create illness and disease.  One must address both for wholeness and optimal health.

There are many ways to approach self-healing using this system.  Self-healing does not mean healing by yourself; instead, it means taking responsibility and ownership. It means learning, exploring, seeking out teachers and other journeyers, experiencing different modalities, seeing what works for you and what does not.  It also means engaging the appropriate medical assistance as the system complements medical care and is not a replacement.

Learn The Chakras

Each chakra has specific attributes, energies, and correspondences that enable us to better understand how they influence our minds, bodies, and spirits. Below is information to help you make the most of the information contained for each chakra.  To learn about each chakra, select one, and deepen your understanding. 

What the Attributes Mean

Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Thrid Eye Chakra
Crown Chakra

Color – the chakras follow the same pattern as the visible light spectrum of which rainbows are made when light is refracted. 

Color Attributes –  each color has its own wavelength and vibration.  The colors have specific attributes that effects us emotionally and physcially.  Some believe the chakra’s can be balanced by waring the color of the chakra.

Petals – each chakra is depicted as a lotus flower with a specific number attached to it.  The greater the number of petals, the greater the vibrational frequency the chakra is attuned. Each chakra is a teacher and a lower frequency does not diminish the value and importance of the lessons.

Element – each chakra is associated with an element and the element’s attributes.  The solar plexus is associated with the element of fire for example. 

Vibration – each chakra has its own mantra which may be repeated over and over. creating a vibrational sound frequency allowing us to come into harmonic resonance with the chakra. 

Body Location – where the chakra is located in the physical body

Body Attributes – These are the parts of the body the chakra governs. It is widely held that dis-ease is caused by blocked energy, treating the energetic attributes of an illness complements the physical treatment leading to wholeness.

Mental Attributes – the chakras affect mental aspects of our lives.  Knowing what is affected can help one determine which chakra’s may need balancing. 

Information Stored –these are biographical experiences that are stored, consciously or unconsciously, influencing the way we filter our experiences and understand the world and our place in it. 

In Harmony – when the chakra is balanced and the energy flows, positive states of being are enjoyed.

Out of Harmony – when the chakra is blocked, energy is zapped and enjoyement of life is impared if not outright depleted. 

Spiritual Lesson – each chakra has spiritual lessons to teach us. We learn by being aware of each chakra and working with it.  

Crystals – said to vibrate themselves, each crystal has a frequency allowing them to align with the chakra and can be used in healing, balancing and clearing work. 

Essential Oils – are made from plant material whose chemical constituents affect the body, mind and spirit and hence, the chakras since it is all intrelated. 

Basic Care

Chakras are energy centers influenced both by our internal and external environments.  The quality of our thoughts, our physical condition, and our states of mind all impact how in balance we may be.  The state of our relationships, degree of chaos or calm in our physical space, and the world around effects the state of our chakras too.

It is necessary to tune in occasionally and get a sense of where we are from an energetic perspective and do the work of cleansing and balancing where needed.  Tending to these centers of power keeps you balanced and energetically healthy. 


There are many ways to cleanse the chakras that incorporate the elements, meditation, chanting and so much more. What works best varies from person to person and so it is well to try several methods and see what works for you. A good reference book is Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue.


Like Cleansing, there are many approaches like visualizations, crystal meditations, and sound healing. Try several methods to see what is most helpful and once you find a method you like, try to make it a daily practice.  You may be surprised at the results. 


Like Cleansing, there are many approaches like visualizations, crystal meditations, and sound healing. Try several methods to see what is most helpful and once you find a method you like, try to make it a daily practice.  You may be surprised at the results. 


There are a considerable number of methods, systems, and approaches to healing based on the charkas.  Aura Healing, Ayurvedic Medicine, Breathwork, Meditation, and Quantum Healing all use the chakra paradigm as the healing base. Some may seem foreign and others may resonate, though one is not better than the other, they take a different approach.  What works for you, is the most effective, not the approach itself.  Happy healing exploring!