Paranormal and Spiritual 

“Engaging spirits isn’t an elitist ability or industry, it’s being active in the connection with All Things. It’s innate to us all.”   S. Kelley Harrelll

Science Doesn’t Have All The Answers

Once considered fringe, suspect, and demonized by some, paranormal experiences have not only become familiar, scientists are seriously studying the phenomena.  Scientists have studied abilities such as telepathy, remote viewing, and psychokinesis with mixed results.

There is plenty of folklore and anecdotal evidence to suggest people have been profoundly affected by their individual experiences.  Though science has taught us much, the way the scientific inquiry is based requires observation, which can make the study of the paranormal tricky.

How do you think? Science can tell you what portions of the brain light up; science can provide theories, but it cannot tell you from where your thoughts come.  And so it goes with the paranormal, we don’t know enough and lack the kind of methodology to confirm it from a hard science perspective.  That does not mean it does not exist, or that it invalidates one’s experience; it means some things require a bit more faith until they can be proven.  Happy exploration and don’t forget to share your thoughts with our Community.


Refers to communication or information derived outside of the normal senses. 

Telepathy may involve projecting, reading, or manipulating the thoughts of others. Once considered fringe, science is proving otherwise.


Mediumship involved cooperating with the spirit world to obtain information.  There are two general types, mental and physical.  

Mental is more telepathic while physical is the manipulation of the physical world and can be seen or heard.  



The channeler enters into a meditative or trance state to connect to and receive messages from spirit guides.

The goal is to obtain spiritual teachings and philosophical discussions.  The channeler is inhabited by the spiritual being temporarily.