Beyond This Life

There are many accounts of individuals who have transcended from their physical bodies from stories of having lived a different life to dying and returning.  Learn about their journeys, what research is suggesting, and how this information may inform your own understanding of physical reality

Near-Death Experiences

Dying is a process, not a clearly demarcated event. Death is the permanent ending of vital processes in a cell or tissue according to the Oxford Dictionary.

There are instances of people being clinically dead and returning. These are called near-death experiences. These experiences are being critically studied.

Learn more about what doctors and survivors have to say about this life-changing experience.



Reincarnation is the belief that some aspect of each of us survives death and is reborn into another life. 

There are passages in the Christian Bible that could be interpreted as supporting this belief and there are many religions that accept reincarnation as part of their faith.

In recent decades some fascinating research out of the University of Virginia has arisen that provides evidence (not proof) supporting the notion we live multiple lives.  What would be the purpose of such a phenomenon?

Past and Between Life Reviews

Some major world religions believe we live multiple lives; we aren’t constrained to one lifetime in this physical reality. 

Some psychiatrists and psychologists use hypnosis to help patients recall past lives in hopes of finding information that might help explain current life psychological difficulties. 

Taking this a step further, there is some evidence that time spent between lives in a non-physical realm can also be remembered in a deep hypnotic state.  Fascinating evidence exists supporting these statements.

Out of Body Experiences

An out-of-body experience (OBE) is loosely considered a conscious state where an individual’s awareness is temporarily located apart from that individual’s physical body.  While there are no physical sense organs attached to this awareness, the experiencer can “see” and “hear” things in this state.  These perceptions can occur at a considerable distance from where the individual’s body is located.

Some very experienced OBErs have written engaging books about their OBE travels.

Soul Rescue


Many books have been written regarding near-death-experiences that provide evidence our conscious self continues to exist when our physical bodies are in a near-death state.  (Suggested reading – The Self Does Not Die.)

There is anecdotal evidence that sometimes a deceased individual’s consciousness does not realize its body has died.  This can result in a suspension of transition to the normal post-death state of being. Shamans and some people report being able to achieve an altered state of awareness that allows them to connect with these souls and help them make their final transition.