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Community Through Connection


Connecting to one another is vital for our emotional, mental, and physical health and it seems to be one of the more daunting aspects of daily living.  We at Consciousness Cafe recognize the challenges making connections impose and we think we have a solution.

We are on a mission to connect like-minded groups across the country and beyond so that no matter where you live, you can get connected.  If you can’t find a group in your area, join us online or start a group yourself, we can help!


Four ways to connect, countless ways to grow!

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Join Our Group

We are working with groups across the country so even if you can’t find one in your area now, join us online and stay tuned, new groups are added frequently.

Our Current Groups

Our goal is to connect like-minded folks across the country and beyond.  We offer an affiliate program that will help you strengthen your local group with valuable information and events.  

Affiliate Benefits


Monthly speakers

Special event alerts

Quarterly grow your group meetings



Connect to organizations exploring cutting edge research

Access to researchers/research

Reliable information from trusted sources

Support to start and run a local group


Our Current Groups

Start A Group

Starting a group is easier than you think.  We can help you with suggestions to create a local group, guide you thorugh startup, and offer some special goodies for being connected to us. 

Getting Started

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Ongoing Support


To help you get started we’ve put together a handy guide.  Still need help, contact us!

How it Works

Easy As 1-2-3


You agree to list your local group in the Consciousness Cafe directory with a link to your site.


You allow us to send *communications to your group a few times a month.


We build connections together.


*Communications contain information over the myriad topics contained on this site, opportunities to engage in research and awareness of events, teachings, and so forth.