Malleable Reality

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”  Albert Einstein

The Nature of Reality

CG Jung, an early 20th-century psychoanalyst, put forth the idea of the collective unconscious, a global repository of all humankind’s experiences across the eons of time.  Superimposed upon our subjective experience of reality, the collective unconscious creates a sort of duality, a reality that is shared-objective and a reality that is personal-subjective.

Kant, a philosopher, writing in the 18th century, proposed we could never have direct knowledge of reality because we filter it through our minds.  We can never know the thing outside of ourselves for itself.

The existing laws of physics generally describe our physical reality but increasingly evidence is arising that indicates existing laws need a serious reimagining in order to account for things like psychokinesis. Further, one should distinguish between the material reality, which is governed by the laws of physics in so far as measuring devices can be applied, and the immaterial reality, which can not easily be measured if at all.  If we conclude that only the physical is real because it can be objectively measured and observed, then what of the immaterial and the physical for which measuring devices cannot be applied?  The non-physical aspects of our humanity, like love, maybe subjective.  Still, one should not doubt the effect it has on the material world.

Thus there may be two separate realities, the physical-objective and the immaterial-subjective, the interaction influencing and influenced by the collective and personal experience.  These concepts perplex physicists, philosophers, and most of us. They are worthy of exploration and discussion, join us, connect to a Group, and add your wisdom for the benefit of all.

Global Consciousness

Designed to explore the construct of interconnected consciousness through scientific exploration.  It demonstrates that human consciousness interacts with rand event generators and causes non-random patterns which are statistically significant. 

Intentional Power

 We have much more power to influence our reality though many of us do not realize it. Intentional power accesses the universal source through feeling in the present. With clear intention, manifesting desires are possible.   

Manipulation of Objects

Objects may be changed or moved by the action of the mind.  This ability is called psychokinesis or telekinesis.  Though it studied, there is still quite a bit of skepticism in scientific circles. The Global Consciousness Project suggests the conscious mind may have a small effect.  Read on and decide for yourself.