Latest Past Events

The Changing Face of America An OSS Conference

These coming changes are inevitable, can they be welcomed, sparking a time in
American history where people can truly enjoy the fruits of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
Another way to express this sentiment is to say how can we help ourselves and others run TOWARD a future we
want instead of running AWAY from a future we fear?


Writers’ Critique

This is the first of many opportunities for new writers to receive feedback on their work. When writing in the metaphysical space, it is sometimes difficult for folks to understand the topics, complicating getting good feedback. Please join us and give the gift of feedback and be part of helping writers with their projects.


Monthly Shamanic Drum Circle

Shamanic techniques are universal and complement many spiritual traditions and healing modalities. Rediscover what our ancestors practiced, that through group drumming, individual healing is supported, and revelatory insights occur all in the container of the drumbeat.