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Healing Techniques Demystified!

August 13, 2022 @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

Healing Techniques Demystified Panel Discussion

Many healing techniques successfully used today go beyond the bounds of traditional medical practices, and while they may appear to be different, they each seem to produce positive outcomes for clients. The Consciousness Cafe team has noticed compelling similarities in these techniques due to our ongoing discussions with speakers and informal conversations with each other. We want to share these observations with you.

We bring together a panel of healers with diverse backgrounds and unique techniques for our August meeting. Through discussion and Q&A, participants will better understand the respective practices, explore fascinating similarities, and have any mystery dispelled!

The panel members are:

  • Rita Horton – Healing Touch Certified Practitioner
  • M. Leslie Danis – Shamanic Practitioner
  • Geoff Thomas – [British] Spiritual Healer
  • Sam (Bo) Thompson – Primitive Blacksmith
  • Mark Hunter Brooks – Moderator

Get your questions ready for what should be a unique and very enlightening discussion!


Rita Horton, HTCP

Rita had a successful career in real estate sales and owned her own Real Estate Company. Rita also became the Director of Training Development for the Allen Tate School of Real Estate, training over 1,600 Real Estate Brokers. In 2020, Rita decided to rethink her career path and priorities after finding out about a life-altering breast cancer diagnosis. She took her health scare as an opportunity to change the trajectory of her life, which led her to have a spiritually transformative waking experience. After completing cancer treatment, Rita attended an Integrative Healing Seminar where she was introduced to Healing Touch, Acupuncture, Thai Chi, Visualization, Spiritualization, Journaling, and Aromatherapy. Two years later, Rita studied for four years, becoming a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. After her certification, she opened a healing practice in Charlotte. Rita has volunteered hundreds of hours to give back, focusing on breast cancer patients at hospitals and breast cancer centers like The Carolina Breast Friends. Currently, Rita has a private healing practice called ‘Integrative Healing Concepts,’ where she offers healing services in-person and remotely around the globe. In 2022 she was hired by Mercy/Atrium Hospital in Charlotte, NC, to work on patients in all hospital areas. Rita’s spiritual healing practice incorporates her healing touch training and working with the Divine, Christ, and Holy Angels.

M. Leslie Danis, Shamanic Practioner

Raised Catholic, Leslie began a lifelong search for spiritual fulfillment, which she could not find in religious traditions. In the context of her search, she has explored eastern thought, mysticism, meditation, trance states, ecstatic postures, shamanic techniques, witchcraft, and studied the ancient goddess traditions. For the past 15 years, Leslie has explored the esoteric in her spiritual community. In this context, she is a ritualist in a Goddess honoring tradition. Through these experiences and with the guidance of gifted teachers, Leslie has learned to connect deeply with the nonphysical, what some call the spirit world.

This connection guides her healing practice. When one cares for both the physical and spiritual aspects, it leads to wholeness. These techniques are complementary, powerful, and effective. Employing ancient techniques with a modern sensibility, Leslie provides spiritual healing experiences for those that seek her. As a ritualist, Leslie is adept at creating spiritual experiences for others, leading her to write a book. The book ‘Living the Sacred – Ritual and Ceremony in Daily Life’ helps others learn to connect to spirit and experience the transformative nature of working with the sacred. The book is in the final stages and should be released shortly.

Geoff Thomas – [British] Spiritual Healer

Geoff has been a practitioner and teacher of spiritual healing and spiritual development for over 30 years in the UK, including five years with his healing center and 20 years of service in a landmark London church (Anglican).

Geoff is a Former executive chartered engineer’ (similar to US professional engineer) and studied with leading spiritual and psychic UK teaching establishments for five years. An accredited healer with foremost UK healing organizations. One time visiting healer to doctor’s.surgery; he has given a presentation on healing to post-graduate doctors from a major teaching hospital. He is also the author of ‘Footsteps into the Light.’

Sam (Bo) Thompson – Primitive Blacksmith

Sam considers himself a Magical Primitive Blacksmith and enjoys bringing deep magic into his sacred forge Work. Since 2016, Sam has been bound to The Morrigan and now embraces (read that as pushed into) the role of Her Priest. A large part of his work with The Morrigan is magical blacksmithing which Sam does full time. Folks around the globe have commissioned his work. Also, he is a contributing author in the anthology of Girl God books, Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan.

Sam’s healing work provides people a safe place to be empowered to do their own work. Combined with a weekend on the land, participants become reacquainted with nature and themselves through the elemental aspects of Primitive Forging (Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit). Sam is also a certified Great Life coach and a Reiki Master Teacher. Sam is the author of Metal Never Lies: An Introduction to Megal Magic eBook and owner of Ravens’ Keep Forge.

Mark Hunter Brooks – Moderator

Mark Hunter Brooks is a founding member of Consciousness Café and remains a contributing member. Since 2003, Mark has had profound experiences which are spiritual and transformative. Focusing on demystifying the nonphysical world, he has written several books. From his perspective, the nonphysical world is poorly understood, even in scripture.

Mark’s latest book, ‘Earth’s Hidden Reality,’ makes a case for a wave-based reality. Mark convincingly challenges the materialist’s view by employing science, scripture, and quantum science. Particle-based physics is the land’s orthodoxy but perhaps not much longer. Written in an accessible style and augmented by compelling illustrations, ‘Earth’s Hidden Realty’ is at the forefront of a needed paradigm shift.

Professionally, Mark was a program manager for a Fortune 100 financial services firm, managing large IT infrastructure projects. Educationally, he has an MBA from New York University and a BS from North Carolina State University.



August 13, 2022
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm EDT


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