Although a continual seeker of new perspectives, I also try to make it a practice to not get caught up in biases; which may incorrectly confirm my own.

As the old phrase goes… “even a broken clock provides the correct time twice in a day.” And so, if something appears unexplainable or “metaphysical”… I try to avoid giving ‘blind obedience’ to any sort of group-think etc…

With the above being said, throughout my life I’ve had many unexplained experiences. At first, I was dismissive. It’s like… when we look at clouds or see cracks in a wall and somehow see a face among these cracks. Our minds can play tricks on us and I want to be aware of this as well.

After so many unexplainable occurrences, there came a point in my life when I had to ask myself; “how many times must I view something as a “coincidence” before there is a reasonable need to recognize this as not a coincidence, but instead an unusual and unexplainable pattern?”

I’m not one that ‘colors inside the lines.’ My posting behavior on this very group probably proves this point quite well. Nevertheless, I appreciate this group, the people among this group, and the fact that discussions about our curiosities and fascinations are actually encouraged.