Latest Past Events

In Person Meeting

Blanche Benjamin Library 1530 Benjamin Parkway, Greensboro

Meet face to face for a lively discussion on all things metaphysical, attendees set the discussion topics for an immersive and personally relevant experience guided by Jim Fisher, co-originator of Consciousness-Cafe.

Essential Alchemy – Explore the Sacredness and the Science of Essential Oils with Leslie Rice

Consciousness-Café presents a journey of self-discovery with ‘Essential Alchemy: Explore the Sacredness and the Science of Essential Oils,’ an immersive online presentation. Leslie Rice is a dedicated alchemist with over two decades of experience in exploring holistic living from many perspectives. In this captivating event, we'll delve into these sacred elixirs' historical and cultural significance, uncover the molecular magic that defines their essence, and learn how to infuse ancient wisdom into our modern rituals. Blending science and spirituality, Leslie invites you to join this transformative experience, where the alchemy of essential oils becomes a catalyst for conscious living.