Certain passages included in this synopsis were excerpted from Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records: The Book of Life by Kevin J. Todeschi, ©1998. Used with permission.

It was around 1900 that the Theosophists began writing about the Akashic Records and coincidentally at about the same time, the mystics and the most devout talked about them. Before that however, only celestial beings had access to the Records. It was only in the twentieth century with the advent of the age of enlightenment that people like you and I became aware of their existence and could share the information provided therein.

The twentieth-century mystic, healer, and medium, Edgar Casey, is referred to as the most documented Akashic reader of all time. His talents allowed him to access and describe information from the Akashic Records that he firmly believed was available to everyone. Here is how Edgar Cayce describes the Records. The Akashic Records, or “The Book of Life,” can be equated to the Universe’s super-computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. Much more than simply a memory storehouse, however, these Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us. The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of Creation. These records connect each one of us to one another.

Edgar Cayce was a master at reading the Akashic Records. He helped thousands of people for over forty years using his remarkable intuitive ability. He gave readings using the Akashic Records as his primary resource and his special abilities allowed him to retrieve information to enable a person to discover everything from their purpose in life to the root cause of a long-standing problem.

To describe how this worked, Cayce explained that it was not only possible for individuals to attune to the Akashic Records but that it was something that occurred frequently. Although the Records were not physical in nature, an individual in attunement could “hear,” “read,” and “experience” the information, nonetheless. In order to illustrate what an individual might perceive while viewing their soul’s journey, Cayce expressed that the Akashic Records of the mental world might be compared to a movie theater of the physical world. This movie could be replayed to understand what had occurred in an individual’s experience in any period, at any time, or while in any place in history. Also within this data was a record of lessons learned, opportunities lost, faults acquired, and experiences gained. In addition, although an individual’s actions might be misinterpreted or misconstrued in the physical world, the Akashic Records maintained an objective record of a person’s “real life” because it reported his or her true intent.

In 1934 Cayce tried to define these Records further. Not only did he discuss what the Akashic Records were, but he explained how they were written, and clarified how an individual could gain access to the information. Apparently, any type of endeavor—whether action, thought, desire, or deed—creates a vibration. This vibration produces a mark upon the skein of space and time (cosmic consciousness) and is somehow permanently identified with the individual producing the vibration. Although unseen, it is an etheric energy that is as evident to a sensitive person as the printed word is to a sighted person:

When there is the thought or the activity of the body in any particular environ, this very activity makes for the impressions upon the soul…As to the records made by such an activity, these are written upon what is known as time or space, much in the form or manner as are the messages that are of a familiar nature to the body in its present activity. As the instruments of recording are used, so does the activity of ENERGY expended leave its imprint upon the etheric wave that records between time and space that DESIRED to be put, as to that impelling or producing. Just as the figures or characters make for communications between individuals, so does the soul upon the pages or records of time and space. …Edgar Casey

Comparatively speaking it is like having a computer system that keeps track of every event, thought, image, or desire that has ever transpired on earth. Imagine that in addition to written data and words, this system contains countless videotapes and pictures, providing the viewer with an eyewitness account of all that has transpired within any historical time frame. Finally, imagine that this enormous database not only keeps track of the information itself but also maintains the perspectives and emotions of every individual involved. As incredible as it may sound, this description gives an accurate representation of the Akashic Records.

Going back and retrieving past life information can often help us understand what past energies might be producing a roadblock toward moving forward in this lifetime. This is where clearing energy or incorporating it becomes important. Most often the emotion involved with any particular event is most important and not necessarily the event itself. Energetic clearings do not clear what is written in the Records, but instead clear those emotions associated with the event that come to the surface.  The choice can be made to clear the emotion if it is causing a problem or incorporate the energy into this life energy if it is deemed beneficial. This is much like clearing trapped emotion and/or psychic trauma specific to the event, reminiscent of the more complex techniques used by healers trained in using Eden energy medicine (Body Code and Emotion Code).


Reading the Records for Someone Else

The skills necessary to go to the Records and work in them include the ability to go (or be led) into deep meditation, the ability to release unwanted energy as performed by an energy healer, and the ability to receive incoming messages as performed by a medium. Another aspect that complicates our ability to understand and work with the Records for another person is that it is possible for the reader of the Records to obliquely interpret the information meant for the subject.  As Casey explains it, what this means is that the Akashic database is shaded by the mental experience and background of the person reading the information UNLESS their intent is totally selfless and desirous of being helpful. Hence a scripted prayer that employs selflessness precedes any reading  to compensate for bias. The reader’s own belief systems, backgrounds, experiences, and personal motives are therefore negated to allow a clear selfless reading for the recipient being read.

Every experience encountered in an individual’s life could leave a good or a bad impression upon these Akashic Records. Apparently, each occurrence in life has the capacity to be a constructive or a destructive influence, based upon what an individual does with that experience. Different choices will leave very different impressions upon the Records. Clearing past emotions around choices that our soul made in a past life can greatly influence how we move forward in this lifetime.

To further explain the purpose of the Akashic Records, we must look at what they do. The Records are so complete, so accurate, and so individualized, that questions might be asked to inform across lifetimes. Simply put, the Records keep track of and assist with each soul’s personal growth and transformation. In the Akasha, Cosmic Consciousness, or fourth level of the Astral Plane, however you choose to describe that higher dimension, every thought, idea, and action from the past, present, and future is stored.  The Akashic Records are a record of what will happen, is happening, or has happened. Because they are at a higher dimension, the rules of time do not apply so information from two thousand years ago is as accessible as what happened to you yesterday, and what happened to you yesterday is as available as what could happen to you in ten years.

The soul’s journey can be explained by saying that we are not physical bodies with souls but spiritual beings who happen to be having a physical existence. If this is true and we are fundamentally spiritual beings, then we might ask, “So, just what are we doing here?” The answer proposed by the Cayce information is that we are essentially gathering experiences. The soul gains firsthand knowledge not only about its own identity but learns how choices made result in certain experiences. In time, soul experiences and acquired knowledge will lead to wisdom. Inevitably, wisdom will lead to compassion and eventually love will be the end result. At this point, the soul will know its individual identity as well as its true relationship with God. The soul will have come to understand that its primary essence and God’s are one and the same, and that is love.


Some of this information referenced from

The Akashic Records: Blueprint for Your Soul.  by Edgar Cayce


  1. What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records resemble a cosmic library of soul journeys across incarnations and through time. The information resides in the ethos or cosmic consciousness and is similar to the information that mediums access. On the earthly plane, the Records were not available to ordinary people until the twentieth century. An excellent source of information gathered from the Records, and use of that information to help people, may be reviewed in the written works of Edgar Casey.


  1. How are the Akashic Records useful in the area of energy transformation?

Enhancements in the area of soul and spiritual evolution as well as physical health have been documented. Soul energy from other lifetimes may be cleared or incorporated into the energy of this lifetime by choice. If it is felt that the energy is harmful, it may be released and if it is thought that the energy may be helpful, it may be incorporated at a higher frequency. By being able to release or incorporate energy from the entirety of your soul’s journey, blocks may be removed, or enhanced energy may be retrieved. An example may be that if a person has money issues, knowledge may come to bear about events in a past incarnation. Perhaps something happened at that time that makes you afraid to take the reins on your finances now.


  1. What is the process of going to the Records?                                                                                     A meditative state at the level of alpha (8-12 HZ) or theta (4-8 HZ) facilitates emersion into the Records. This is a scripted (guided) meditation designed to facilitate the correct vibrational frequency for receiving. It is appropriate for all, although those who meditate may be more accustomed to this level. Prior to opening the records, the facilitator also performs a personal scripted prayer that asks that all his/her ego be removed from the readings so that clear messages are allowed to come through for the highest good of the person being read.  Once in a meditative state, a scripted prayer opens that Records and solicits the help of the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.


  1. What preparation helps facilitate the effective flow of information and is a facilitator or any training necessary for this process?

The first visit and subsequent visits to the Records requires the presence of someone who has the ability to guide the process, someone who can clear unwanted energy, and someone with mediumship capabilities. A facilitator possessing these qualities will certainly enhance the ability to communicate needs, exchange information at the soul level, and get answers to the questions posed. It has been my experience that anyone can do this with the appropriate guidance and help by a medium. In this sense, and because learning skills are involved, it can become a process and a journey, not to be considered a final destination.


  1. What sort of information may be obtained from the records?

Once in the Records, questions may be asked about what happened to your soul in another lifetime that is influencing your soul’s journey in this lifetime. Often, the need to go into the Records is prompted by feelings of being held back without a clear cause.


  1. How does our soul from its incarnate journeys overlap and potentially block or interfere with our energy in this incarnation?

Soul energy from other lifetimes inhabits your soul and remains within it incarnation to incarnation. This energy is inherently present at birth as its Earth journey begins. The soul energy continues on its path of growth, development, experiences, and lessons that is chosen and planned for in this lifetime. At times, especially if the energy had a traumatic origin and is not contributing to forward progression in this lifetime, it needs to be released to allow for a smoother journey.


  1. Does removal of energy around an event in your soul’s life journeys remove the event as it is written in the Records?

No, the event remains as part of the Akashic Record. The emotion around the event is released.


  1. Can we use energetic transmissions carried on the DNA and inherited from our ancestors to our advantage?

We inherit energetic emotions on our DNA just as we inherit disabilities.  Although we

cannot change the biological codes inherent in our DNA that carry disabilities,

we can change the emotion around inherited trauma and perhaps the regulation of specific



  1. What is the difference between energy obtained during a soul’s journey through its incarnations and that of ancestral DNA energy?

Soul energy is not necessarily inherited from a biological lineage. A person’s soul energy brings with it energy obtained from many incarnations composed of many different genealogies and this collection of soul energy has chosen your body as a vessel to inhabit during this incarnation. Examples of the transfer of soul energy from one person to another include those personality traits (likes or dislikes) acquired following organ transplant and/or the continuing journey of experiential energy that has been passed down through the generations, such as generations of doctors in the family or lawyers in the family. In contrast, biological information transmitted by DNA codes from ancestors include disease conditions that are genetically transmitted such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.


  1. What may a person experience once their soul records are opened?

A person who is intuitive may see and hear and converse with energy as it comes into the prepared cylinder of light. Others who do not receive any information greatly benefit from the presence of a medium who can convey information and return questions.


  1. What control does a person have over the experience of going to the records?

A person can control what information they are interested in obtaining as it relates to their present journey. They can specifically target problem areas in their life and release trapped emotion/ psychic trauma around instances that they had no control over in past incarnations. They may ask who, what, when, why, or how questions to obtain a better understanding of how the energy is affecting them now.


  1. What is the role of the Masters, Teachers and Loved ones once the Records are opened?

The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones serve as librarians and caregivers. They provide access to information that benefits you and information that your soul is ready to hear on its present timeline in this incarnation. Although information in the form of energy is in the cosmic consciousness from all incarnations, past, present and future, not all of it is pertinent on your present timeline. This filter is often seen as an advantage when compared to the unfiltered nature of information that comes during past life regression or trips to the astral plane.


  1. What should a person expect to feel after a session?

After any type of session in which energy is moved, a period of processing or realignment of energy occurs. This may take days or even a week depending on how much energy is released. Symptoms may manifest as emotion or fatigue or just feeling out of place. It is important to drink water and move the body by taking walks during this time. It is also important to let this play out before having another session.


  1. Why is it important to close out the Records when the session is complete?

Once the session is complete, the energy surrounding the Records needs to be closed to both the facilitator and the receiver, otherwise each may become overwhelmed with unwanted information that has no purpose or direction.


  1. How are issues such as life-long struggles with self-esteem handled in the Records?

Often, as with other forms of healing, energy peels off in layers in a stepwise fashion. It is my belief that such issues are best handled by segmenting years of life into pods of ten to twelve years and working most recent to birth. The reason for this is the emotions that have become buried in the subconscious are important to release, top layers first. My approach which is still under development consists of four sets of questions with up to eight trips to the records in each session. These session types are called modular sessions.


Performing an Akashic Read

An Akashic read can bring forth information from your soul’s journey in past, present, or future incarnations as there is no time on the other side. The process may involve looking at the future, and the potential outcomes of choices that we make within a soul’s journey. To address the question of predicting the future, we are always in control of our own destiny because a myriad of choices serve to affect our future. From a metaphysical standpoint, adhering to the concept that the future is the past that has not yet happened, the Records can lead us to the most likely outcome based on the trajectory that we’re already on, but they cannot read or predict exact futures because details about the future are always changing. This means that at any moment, we can decide to forge a new path and redirect our possible outcomes.

By taking the time to tap into the Records, you’re opening yourself up to a source of knowledge that has not yet been in contact your conscious mind. The best thing about the Records is that you can use them as a resource whenever you are questioning and searching for answers. Through the Records, we can download information regarding any imaginable topic and question if the questions are focused and open-ended.

The beings that translate the Akashic Records into language we can understand are called our Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones (MTLOs, for short). The MTLOs are basically our Spiritual Team. They take our questions to the Records and return to us with an answer we can understand.

It is essential to avoid yes or no questions. The Masters do not like yes or no questions because they aren’t fortune tellers and there is never a simple “yes” or “no” answer to most of our human problems. Your MTLOs want to empower you to make decisions for yourself. They want you to learn lessons on your own, but they’re here to guide you on your journey. The best questions to ask the MTLOs start like: What? Why? How? It’s helpful to have questions lined up before you open the Records Having specific questions helps ground you during your session and keeps you on track. The session may take a turn after the first question and could guide the next several questions or not. Even so, it is best to go in knowing what information you are interested in obtaining.

When going to the Records, an experienced guide such as an intuitive or medium can facilitate information exchange. It is not necessary to become certified to open the Records, but it helps tremendously to be a medium. I find that I can assist with receipt and expression of information should the messages be illusive to the person being served. It is also necessary to be able to meditate and to be able to clear unwanted energy.

To open the Records the process involves going into a deep meditation and correctly placing yourself in an orb of light (the orb shape is important in order to allow the information on energy waves to come through). The process involves a scripted specific prayer that allows connection to Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, removes ego, and ensures selfless assistance. You may hear voices, see images, or feel a deep sense of knowing. At other times, you might need to sit for a while before anything comes through. Everyone is different, and all people have unique intuitive gifts that will allow information to flow. If not, that is where mediumship gifts may assist you. Should the information coming through not make sense, you can just ask your MTLOs to clarify any messages that come through. A specific scripted prayer ends the session, and the records are closed in a specific manner. It is important to always close out properly.


Akashic Experiences

The principles of Akashic manifestation are outlined in this presentation. From a practical standpoint, I find that information from the Records provides detail and therefore clarity around the issue(s) at hand. It is a more in-depth process than a normal mediumship read as it gets to the core of the issue at hand by retrieving information from past life energy that has not yet been but can now become a conscious awareness and it allows release of specific energies as requested by the subject. In this regard it can be more effective than a general clearing.  These types of reads can be deeply personal. The variety, intensity, and nature of information obtained is broad. The instances I relate here are real and other strange, enlightening and wonderful reads happen across the spectrum of experiences. The sharing of this information is meant to shed light on what can be achieved rather to reveal any information about any one individual.

Example I: A loved one had passed but the family was having trouble contacting them or receiving messages from them. Upon inquiring in the Records and after entraining the energy of the loved one who had passed, I found that it resided not on the other side but in the Earthly realm. The energy was floating, swirling, with no anchor, and miserable. This meant that the energy did not transition to the other side upon their passing. Until a spirit transitions, it is difficult for apt communication with them to occur. Also, once transitioned, the soul can begin working toward its next choice in the journey. Transition places the soul journey back on track. In this case the soul energy was encouraged to move forward with the process of transition.

Example II: To preface this reading, let me just say that past life experiences can be varied and often, bizarre. They may not be similar to what we experience in this lifetime and sometimes the shock value can be high. I was working at a job and met a scientist from the west coast who was working on an arm of the same scientific project. The first time we met, there was polarity, and we were on vastly different sides of the fence in relation to the postulated evidence. The longer we talked, the greater the polarity and the less likelihood of us ever meeting in the middle. The energy was so strong around it that I contacted my energy healer, we went to the Records, and this is what came up. In a past life, I was married to this man, pregnant with another man’s baby and he shot and killed us both. Seeing this as totally unnecessary energy, we immediately cleared the energy around the marriage and the event. My next meeting with the scientist, which was about two months later, went swimmingly. We exchanged ideas from a different perspective and moved onto a trajectory that moved the project forward.

Such energy can present itself in this lifetime and can stand in the way of moving forward on our path. Each person’s journey is different and affected in different ways. We all have stumbling blocks that we have trouble understanding without a deeper understanding of our soul’s journey.


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