At Evangeline’s behest, we took a turn down a hallway, one of the many, and stopped at a large hall of study. It was a room filled with many tomes, not dissimilar to the great library of my previous visitations. The room was full of eager young learners fixed in attention upon the master, amidst instruction at the front of the room.

“All children who have left the earth-plane in the early stages will continue their education and wellbeing. All shall receive proper instruction to the ways of heaven. No child shall be left behind in their education of the divine laws of heaven and earth. They are all, without exception, given the knowledge required to progress through the stages of the divine.”

“But what of a parent’s responsibility in such regard? Does not the bond between parent and child continue to blossom and hold fast to love and attachment?”

“Indeed it does, Athar. The bond of love between a parent and child will extend across the eternal if only it is strong and true. No bond of love is ever broken. It is the cord that seeks to sustain one and the other across the vast expanse of our Father’s heaven. Yet, if no such bond exists, if the strains of earthly relationships have soured such fulfillment, then, as you see, no child will suffer for its absence. Their well will be replenished by many loving hands so that the child knows not any privation.”

I stood in awe perhaps a while longer than supposed – until Evangeline broke the spell of my fixation.

“Come,” she said gently, “there is more for you to see.”

We were led further along the numerous hallways, each resplendent in fine decor and colourful design, until we arrived at another chamber that, even as we approached, seemed to resonate with a chorale of beautiful voices in quiet chant. The atmosphere held a faint tint of blue colouration which radiated through a window portal in the ceiling. It seemed to fill the very air with an elixir of life that held the potential for all love to flourish.

Inside the room, as we enetred, I could not help but notce the glow of the number of souls in attendance to the many children. Each of their robes seemed to be alive with a radiance not before seen to my eyes, and their attention to the little babes under ther care was evident to behold. Many young fledgelings lay in repose in the soft down of the vessel holding their comfort.

“Each child is a teardrop from the eyes of our Father, dear Athar. Each child is nurtured until they reach the fullness of their spirit. Their attainment of the prime of life is by no means hindered by their early passing to this heavenly realm. Our Father’s love shines brightly upon each soul until it is of an evolvement to determine its future progress in the spirit of the divine.”

As she spoke, without warning and of its own volition, my mind strayed to the many challenges and hurdles of my own upbringing, and I could barely hold fast to my currency and to the love to which I now bore witness. Within but a beat, Evangeline seemed to know my thoughts in revelation.

“Your road has been difficult, dear Athar. This is known to us of the higher realms. Yet, the cross of your harsh learning is now akin to the alchemist’s cauldron. What was before leaden, is now turning to the gold and joy of celebration to the task laying before you.”

I couldn’t help myself. I could no longer stand on any further ceremony. The joy in my heart was full to overflowing, and I reached out my hands to hers and fell to my knees as tears tumbled in heavy droplets upon my shimmering chemise.

“You are most welcome, my dearest, Athar,” she said helping me to rise. “But know that what I am – like these children – is what you too will become. And more so will it be.”