One of the ways I find out what led someone to be interested in consciousness and spirituality is to ask them, “What’s your secret sauce?” What is the significant experience or ability that led them on a journey to learn more? As for me, I started having spiritual experiences in 2003. It was these experiences that led me to read books on theology, philosophy, monasticism, humanism, quantum mechanics, metaphysics and various world religions – to figure out what had happened to me. This grew into journaling, which led to writing and then to publishing a book about my thoughts on the subject. On a positive note, as I understood more about this area, my apprehension diminished and I started becoming more adventurous with experimentation. On the negative side, this spirit of adventure led me to some instances in which I went “where angels fear to tread,” to paraphrase the quote. This underscores my strong recommendation to have a mentor or guide who can help you initially navigate this area of reality. Has the journey been beneficial? An emphatic yes! The biggest benefit is the development of a consistent worldview and concept of reality, which never would have come without my having had these experiences. So to those who are just starting out on this path, keep at it, but seek out others to walk the path with you. The things you have experienced are not unique, but people won’t open up to you about their experiences unless you ask them – “What’s your secret sauce?” Happy travels!!!