This is what I believe at this point in my spiritual journey. It is intended to give you an idea of what could be, but it’s important that you discover it for yourself—as part of your own journey. The Greek Bible verse in Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” but it implies that YOU will be the one who does the work.

Who Are We and Why are We Here?

We are eternal spiritual beings who come to earth to experientially learn how to control our emotions, our ego, and acquire qualities of humility, perseverance, love and moral courage, among other things. While this development occurs throughout our eternal life, other spiritual beings have watched over and protected us up to this point in our existence. One objective in our human experience on earth is to become an independent being, one who no longer needs to be supervised.

Our ultimate existence is as a formless torus of living energy, but it is difficult to teach beings in this form, because they know that they are eternal. It is much easier to teach them when they inhabit a bodily form, especially when they believe that their bodily form has a temporary existence. This way, when the body dies as a result of war, violence or illness, it will have an emotional impact on the beings around them, creating a teaching moment.

As we mature, we eventually shed our bodily forms to become spiritual beings, and later, we shed our spiritual forms to become beings of formless energy. What would a formless being look like? Think of the magnetospheres that surround some of the planets in our solar system. I believe these magnetospheres are the tori of formless beings who are protecting less developed beings inhabiting these celestial bodies. In the same way, the heliosphere surrounding the sun emanates from a formless entity protecting the beings present on all the planets in the solar system. This is how the purpose of our existence on earth aligns with the purpose for the existence of the universe—our formless energetic being will one day become the protector of less developed beings on planets, around suns and even within galaxies that exist in our universe.

What’s Happening on Earth and Why?

The events going on around the world today may seem unsettling and chaotic, but they are actually very organized. They are component pieces of a process that will ultimately separate earthly beings who are ready to progress onto more advanced study from those who need to be held back to better develop the skills they were sent here to learn. Those who will be held back are not being punished but instead they are being groomed to serve an important role in earth’s spiritual development process.

I believe that beings in an animal form, who show developmental promise, are given early access to human life so they can experience it. Then, when they return to their original developmental group, they will become its leaders, who will teach others how to act—because they’ve already been through it! The test being administered is designed to show how much a person can lose in their life and still continue to love and give to other people. Viktor Frankel encapsulated this concept best in a quote from his book, Man’s Search for Meaning. One day, as he looked out over the common area of a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, he saw men giving away their last scraps of bread and encouraging others. When he comprehended what was happening, he realized, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” These men had nothing left but their spirit and their impoverished physical bodies, yet they were still able to give what little they had to others!

This is the test described in the Greek Bible book of Revelation. Scripture tells how Revelation’s four horsemen will strip away everything that protects humans from the harshness of life—to see who can still love and give to others even when they have nothing left. What will separate the beings who pass the test from those who will not? I believe it will be their worldview. Beings who pass the test will be those who are spiritually self-aware. They will know that they cannot die because they are an eternal being, and as a result, they will be unafraid of death if it comes as a result of their having given to others.

Paranormal Abilities are Spiritual Abilities

I feel the need to comment on this because the use of psychic or paranormal abilities is growing around the world. I believe that paranormal abilities are really spiritual abilities—how spirits communicate, travel and manipulate objects. Humans are given the opportunity to “try out” these abilities on earth because their strength here is so limited here that no one will be hurt as a result of their use.

People should view the use of these abilities the same way they view someone using a knife. A spiritual ability, just like a knife, is a tool that a being can manipulate in either a positive or negative way, based on their intention. The Greek Bible passage 1 John 4:1-6 tells us that in these situations, we should test spirits, and those who use spiritual abilities, to determine whether their intensions are good or bad.

The miracles that Jesus and his disciples performed were spiritual abilities that are still being performed today. What has kept humanity from using these things until now is the population’s doubt that it is real. Similarly, when people familiar with the spiritual tell others that “everything is energy” or that they need to “raise their vibration,” their comments make no sense because the hearer’s worldview does not support it. If people with a spiritual background first say that “reality is wave based,” it will help their listeners cultivate a worldview in which the use of energy and vibration can be seen as natural.

Mark Hunter Brooks, author of the book Earth’s Hidden Reality, has had numerous spiritual experiences since 2003 that have profoundly changed his worldview. Today, he writes and speaks about the mechanics of the non-physical world, helping make what many consider to be mystical easier to understand. Professionally, Mark Brooks managed large IT and business projects for a Manhattan-based Fortune 100 financial services firm and has an MBA from New York University.

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